Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Reading Anyone?

This is a shout out to those who might be interested in doing a little rough draft reading for me. As I am working on my next novel (not too far into it yet) I would like to line up some readers who aren't afraid of a bit of bad grammar and a less than polished manuscript. This way, if I give you a time line it will help me get my book finished, knowing that I have committed to have it into my first readers hands in a set amount of time. For those of you interested, this is what I will be looking for :

1. Someone who can read the rough draft in a timely manner. In other words, if you don't think you could finish it in under a month this won't work. The idea is for me to move along quickly in the process. Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y.

2. Someone who has read at least a few fantasy/urban fantasy books, otherwise you won't like what I write no matter how good it is.

3. Someone who won't just tell me how much they love it. Yes I do want to hear that you love it, but I also want to hear what bugged you about the characters, which parts of the plot you got confused about or just that you didn't like the ending. Whatever it is that you didn't like, I need to know.

Those three things are what I am hoping to find in my first readers. I already have a couple, but would like to round that number up a little as I like to get a few different angles on the book. If you're interested let me know and we can go from there, set up when I would send you the rough draft etc.


Tanya said...

me me me me me me me! :P

Suze said...

You KNOW you can count me in!

Shannon said...

Okay, you too are in! :D I am hoping to have this next rough draft done by the end of June, so that should mean you will have it by July 1st and if not. . . that's when you get to start bugging me :)

CJ Gosling said...

Ooooh. I would love to do it! I really really would. :)

Shannon said...

Yay! Thanks Charity, that is awesome! Can't wait to get it to the three of you gals :)