Monday, June 28, 2010

An "aha" Moment.

There are so many things you are told to do once you've decided to write at more than just a hobby level. Write everyday, just let it flow, get structured, write for what you love, write for the market, don't let the muse dry up. . . the list could fill page after page and still you (and I) would be left completely in the dark.

I get caught up in the "to do" list. How many words can I get in a day? 1500? 5000? Does it really matter if I'm just filling a quota?

I've been thinking a lot about the creative process the last few days, as I've struggled with getting back into writing my second book that is tentatively called "Priceless". Ruminating on the way I've been trying to make my writing work and realizing that I'd forgotten that no matter what part of the process you're in, it should be enjoyable. If it isn't then maybe there's a reason for that, maybe you're headed in the wrong direction. That's not to say each step won't be difficult, a challenge can be a fun thing too.

All this leads up to is that I've gone back to the drawing board for "Priceless". In just spending some time on the outline, fleshing out the world and motivation for the characters, I've fallen back in love with the story. How many words did I write? Lots. How many counted towards the completion of the book? All of them. Even if I didn't keep track. :D

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Dr. Kathie M. Black said...

Ah ha moments are the best ones to have in any endeavor. Glad you had one. I particularly like the term "creative process"... what works for one person might not work for another; what works at one time for each of us, might not work another time. I think creativity is a blowing, shifting, melding, being in the moment (or in you case - the story).

PS - interesting new colour choice on your blog & I like your term "twitteragious" :)