Sunday, June 13, 2010


Loving the new blog scheme! It's fun to change things, stir the pot or otherwise, just look at a project in a new light.

A slightly different perspective can make the flaws apparent and the view a whole lot better. And sometimes it's like having a closet full of shoes. A new pair for every occasion. Which isn't bad either.

Okay, so I was going to add a picture to add to the ambiance, which blogger won't let me. Then I thought I would add an appropriate video. Which I spent over an hour waiting to upload. So I cancelled it!

Can someone give me some help on this? I would really like to add some more depth to my blog posts, but seem incapable on my own. Thanks!!

Hows that for a rambling blog??

1 comment:

CJ Gosling said...

Nope. Can't help. But I do like the pink! I think it's almost the same colour they use on the walls of wards to calm mental patients. :D


But seriously. I love it!