Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writers Retreat Wrap-Up

Writers Retreat via Mt. Washington was a success, a smashing, fantastic success! I finished ALL my revisions for Gluttony AND I was able to do research for my Untitled ms. These two tasks alone would have taken me a number of weeks at home.

Lots of laughter abounded(when we could drag ourselves away from our work) and lots of familial love. Cause that's what my writing group is becoming, my other family.

A few things I learned while at the retreat and who I learned it from in brackets are as follows

  • Just because you hire an editor, doesn't mean he/she is always right about your work. (Sandy & Kathie)
  • Critiquing isn't painful if its done with a group who actually cares about you and your success. (Kathie, Sandy, Jim, Poul, Charity & Clive)
  • Being away from home DOES mean you can get more work done. (Shannon)
  • Reclusive writer's need friends to turn to that can understand their angst of the moment.(Charity)
  • The hot tub is very hot and should be used with caution. In other words, get out before you pass out. (Shannon)

Three days of nothing but writing, writing discussions, more writing and re-writing left me with only one thought. I can't wait till I get to do this again :)

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