Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hair Pulling

That's what its come to.

Too many people, too many opinions, all of them showing validity of some sort or another. Being directed to so many different ways of writing is a more than stressful, its frustrating. Do I trust the professional who I've hired to help me, even when I feel that perhaps she's outdated on some of her information? Do I go with the writers who are in the trenches with me, struggling along, trying to make it and giving me their thoughts on how they would write the novel? How about the agent with the vague feedback?

Like I said, they all have validity, they all make good points and I trust them all for their area's of expertise. But trying to please all of them is impossible.

I suppose I should say something like "But the person I trust most is myself, so I will listen to my heart." Yeah right. The whole point of having others read my work, is to get feedback. But now the process is filtering what will work with my ms and what won't, what makes it better and what bogs it down.

That is my goal the next few weeks. Filtering out what is best for me and my ms and trying to ignore the rest. Harder than it sounds.

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Tanya said...

well if your not going to listen to yourself, i would listen to the person that gets ppl approved and who get their books much as i would love to say listen to your trench mates, there in the same boat as you right now.