Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Closer and closer. . .

I have been trying to downplay the excitement of having an agent truly interested in my work the last two days. People ask me how the conference went and I say, "Oh, quite well." Clients want to know if I snagged an agent and I say, "Don't know yet, could be a few weeks."

And then I came home, after a long day working in the sun and plotting out in my head the next book in the Gluttony series. And there was an email waiting for me....

The agent has already finished reading Gluttony, has sent it out to an independent reader who also has already finished reading it. That's two people in barely two days that have completely read my book. Here's what the agent said :

I am wrung out from reading this weirdly wonderful novel almost non-stop--well between e-mails, calls and other business. It's not what I usually read--not even close, so who am I to judge. I had an independent reader read it on the condition of absolute confidentiality and he read it quickly, which he admitted to being evidence that it is engrossing.

He wrote "There were a few things (2 or 3) that needed to be explained better, but other than that I thought it was very clever. The connection between the characters names and their vices was helpful. I think showing the Vices and Virtues as real people and exploring the conflicts amongst themselves...not just good vs evil, but amongst the Vices and presumably the Virtues and the struggles within themselves is something many people will be able to identify with. Toni was believable and yes, I would read the next instalment. If the entire story could be told in a trilogy, I'd probably read the third book as well."

Does this mean I have an agent? I have no idea. But I think, it's getting closer. . . .and yes, I am doing the happy screaming, freaking out scaring my animals to death dance! :D


Jade said...

Ah! So exciting. I will send positive agent-snagging vibes your way.

Good luck!

Tanya said...

yay! thats awesome news! and wow that was really fast :)