Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sounds good. . . write?

Eee gads. Where to start? Okay, I have two days of writing ahead of me, my husband is off working this weekend which keeps the house quiet and I have a ms that I'm totally in love with and can't wait to get back to. Sounds good right?

I also seem to have a slight addiction to Twitter now that I'm figuring it out and have been searching for writers and such, chatting with them and making friends. Also sounds good, right?

I've sent my completed ms, The Chronicles of Sin: Gluttony, off to the editor for a final polish edit after completing some awesome revisions so I can then send out another round to agents. Still sounds good.

So before the other shoe drops and something happens that I'm no longer writing this weekend, or all my new Twitter friends unfollow me (Yay for my Twitter followers!), or God forbid, my editor tells me she will no longer edit for me no matter how much money I pay her, I'm going to go get writing.

(As a side note, just heard from my editor. She'll keep editing for me, I just have to send her another cheque!)

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