Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Contest Wrap Up

First I'd like to welcome all the new blog and twitter followers that found me as a result of my contest, which of course was the point of the whole shebang. ;) This has been a very interesting experience and I can see a few flaws in my contest details, but overall I think it went very well.

As I'm still tallying everyone's entries up, making sure I translate Twitter names into real names and all that jazz, it may take me another day or so before the full list of winners gets posted. I will tell you that I have decided to have 10 winners, 6-10 being guest blog posts here on Wringing out Words.

As some of you may have read the fine print, I stole this idea from CA Marshall who's contest I entered a couple of months back. Coming full circle, Cassandra is having another contest, again for a free manuscript edit! And yes, I will be entering her contest. I think it's an awesome prize and one that any writer can use. Cassandra's contest ends on September 20th and if things go as they did last time, there won't be just one free edit handed out, but a few. (She's far too nice!) So good luck to those who entered my contest, and good luck to those who enter CA Marshall's Contest.

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C.A. Marshall said...

Thanks for yet another shoutout Shannon!