Monday, August 30, 2010

Contest Alert! Win Books & Coffee! (Ended)

Why am I doing a contest you might ask. I have my reasons, most of them good.

The most important reason behind my contest is this. Publishing houses are next on my to-do list and I would love to have a generous following of people who when the big day comes and my book hits the shelves, they are lined up outside the bookstore to buy it. Isn’t that every writer’s dream? That and I love the idea of more people participating on my blog, giving me feedback and just being a part of this journey of mine.

I also want to inspire others. So, part of this contest revolves around you and YOUR writing. This is an honour system contest, though I will check out the blogs that do a posting. I trust all of you to keep me updated on your entries by making a comment on my Contest blog post and then I will put all the entries in a big barrel, spin it around and draw out some lucky winners!

Here’s how you get entries into the contest:

If you’re a current follower of my blog-5 entries

New blog followers-3entries

Current Twitter followers-5 entries

New Twitter followers- 3 entries

Every RT or Tweet about the contest-2 entries (be sure to put @queryaddict so I can
keep track)

Blog about this contest or blog about Wringing Out Words-10 entries. Here you could get 20 entries if you do two separate blogs!

List Wringing out Words on your blog roll- 4 entries

For every thousand words you write during the week of the contest (on your honour) I will give you 2 entries into the contest. Motivation, motivation, motivation!

There will be multiple winners as I’ve seen on other contests; it’s hard to award just one grand prize!(If you already have the book listed you can choose another of your liking)

The grand Prize will be something that no true lover of books, whether it be writing or reading can do without. Coffee. Or, because of the postal system, a Starbucks Gift Certificate along with a copy of book one of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, Guilty Pleasures.

Second place is two books from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series, Bitten and Stolen.

Third Place is the first book in Jacqueline Carey’s series, Kushiel’s Dart.

A guest blog will be offered to places 4-6 on my blog, Wringing out Words. And if there are more than 6 people who enter this contest, I may find prizes for places 7-10. Thanks for checking it out and good luck!

Contest will run from August 30th- September 6th closing at midnight.

*Creative contest Idea stolen with permission from CA Marshall.*


Ev Bishop said...

I'm in! Do I just post here how many times you should enter me? :)

I've been following your blog since I found it--even have posted before. :) Please give me 5 entries.

I'm definitely a current Twitter follower--please give me 5 more entries.

Wow, I haven't even retweeted you yet and I'm in ten times? I hope I win. No prize is better than books and coffee!

Dr. Kathie M. Black said...

Ok I have twittered about you on @heattoheal and blogged about you on and on the WIP blogspot. That should count for quite a few entries! Good luck, Shannon.

Shannon said...

Ev, yes, just let me know how many entries you get by making a comment here. Good luck!

Adam Russell said...

Current Blog follower - 5 entries
Current Twitter follower - 5 entries
Retweet Contest (once) - 2 entries
Tweet Contest (once) - 2 entries
All in All - 14 entries!

Anonymous said...

I think I was your 500th follower on Twitter last night! (twitter username: kaleidoplex) - 3 entries
Tweet about contest -2 entries

Anonymous said...

New blog follower: 3
New Twitter follower: 3
Blog (forthcoming--promise) 10
Retweet contest: 2

So far 18, but I plan to do more retweeting and my goal is 1K per day so I'll be back. ; ) LOL I've wanted to read the Anita Black books for eons--or so it seems--and haven't gotten around to purchasing any yet.

WritersBlockNZ said...

Woo! I love comps :)

new twitter follower = 3
new blog follower = 3
I tweeted = 2

so thats 8 entries!

coffeelvnmom said...

Will be sharing this on my Thursday post. (Then I'll come back and enter!)

Ev Bishop said...

I've tweeted you twice and added Wringing out Words to my blogroll, so that's another 8 entries. :) (18 total, not bad--maybe I should do some writing! Heh heh.)

Jessica said...

This is a great idea for a contest! Congrats on landing an agent, by the way!

New blog follower - 3
New Twitter follower - 3
Tweeted/ReTweeted about the contest (under @jlharwood) twice - 4

10 entries thus far.

Tanya said...

new twitter :3
old blog follower: 5
total so far : 8
does randomly talking about you and said books to others outside of here count? :P

Jim said...

I'm in. Not a Twit-ter, so there'll be no sign of me there.

I did pass this contest on to an alternate universe and to date there have been 5 million people who bought your book there (it was published two years ago in this particular universe).

Does this give me 5 million contest entries?

Anassa said...

So, finally entering because it somehow took me a few days to decide that I did indeed want the books. So, my stats:

Current blog follower.
Current Twitter follower.
Can't remember how many RTs I've made. A number, anyway.

I won't be participating in the writing motivation part. I'm pushing revisions right now and suspect they don't count.

Jessica said...

Two more Tweets/Retweets - 4
Blog post about contest - 10
Added to Blog roll - 4

Total 28 entries (including those listed in my above comment.)

Tracy R said...

I am a new follower of yours (Tracy R) thank you!

Sarah said...

Just followed your blog, but have been a Twitter follower for a while.

I'll be retweeting this at least once today, along with my goal of 3k words. (One flash story (not counting rewrites) and 2k on my novel)

Good luck everyone.