Sunday, August 15, 2010

Agents who Rep Fantasy

I've seen a few blogs done that are lists of agents for certain genre's and thought that maybe I would do the same. After all, the time I put into creating a viable list of agents representing urban fantasy is time that I could save others.

This list is of agents who at the time of this blog are accepting submissions, represent adult fantasy among other genre's and who I've also checked out on Preditors and Editors.

So in no particular order :

Sarah Heller --Helen Heller Agency--Query and short synopsis only to They rep Kelly Armstong, no response means no.

Jenifer DuVall --The Schiavone Literary Agency--Query only to

Jodi Reamer--Writers House--email her assistant @ with a query letter and first 10 pages--Jodi reps Stephanie Meyer

Lucienne Diver or Nephele Tempest--The Knight Agency--1 page Query only to the submissions coordinator Melissa Jeglinski @ 4-8 weeks response time.

Diana Fox--Fox Literary--query letter and first 5 pages in body of email to

Roseanne Wells--Marianne Strong Literary Agency--Query only to --8 week wait time

Kate Schafer Testerman--Kt Literary-- Query + 2-3 pages of ms to replies within 2 weeks

Meredith Bernstein--Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency *snail mail a query only* with a SASE
2095 Broadway Suite 505
NY, New York, 10023

Hope these help and as I find more I will be sure to put them up. It can take hours to do all the research on good agents and if I can make a small dent in this for others than I'm super happy to do so!


Simon Kewin said...

A wonderfully useful post, many thanks. I was just research for some UF agents and found your blog. Hi!

Shannon said...

Hi Simon! Glad to be of help, I'll be putting up another post with additional agents in the next day or so check in again :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! "After all, the time I put into creating a viable list of agents representing urban fantasy is time that I could save others." -- And you spent time writing up this post, too! This was a very nice thing to do, Shannon. I've run across some these agents, but not others, so I really appreciate this list.

Unknown said...

I feel like I should buy you dinner or something. Not only was that awesome but, in my case, very timely! Thank you!

Shannon said...

Next time your in my area, dinners on you then ;) Glad to be of help, best of luck in your queries!!

S.A. Hunter said...

thanks, Shannon--so generous to share the results of your research with us all!