Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding A Writing Groove

Last week was a whirlwind, cementing my business relationship with Carolyn (the agent), working my fingertips to the bone trying to knock out a decent word count every day, ignoring my husband's pleas for real food and perhaps some clean clothes and pretty much just immersing myself in the writing world.

This week it was back to reality. I've worked my day job everyday from 8am-8pm at a minimum, yesterday I wasn't home till almost 9. I've barely managed to get 3k words written this week and I was managing nearly twice that daily last week. Am I upset? No, not really. I don't have the luxury of NOT working my day job. I have to manage both, I need them both.

Hubby though, he's having to step up to the plate whether he likes it or not. He's had to make dinner twice (which really means he's brought in Chinese and KFC) he's had to do all the barn chores AND feed the dogs on his own. But best of all, he's not complaining! He even cleaned the bathroom without being asked.

I'm pretty much rambling now. I'm exhausted, full of KFC and wishing I had just a little more energy to work on the WIP. But I'm not too worried, tomorrow is another day with more opportunities to write whether it be at home, in between appointments, or while hubby is folding laundry. It all comes down to finding my groove, writing at every possible chance I can get and praying it's enough. Lord, I hope it's enough!

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a.q.s. said...

This is really inspiring for me as I have to return to real life work because have run out of funds to just write. It was nice while it lasted and grateful that I can find work, possibly (will know for sure after tomorrow).

So this is great and much needed...thank you for sharing.