Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missing Marbles

This post is exactly why I say nothing until some fat lady (or I guess it could be a guy) sings. I may be freaking out for no reason, but after waiting all day yesterday, not sleeping last night, and waking up sick to my stomach, I realized I am freaking out, reason or not.

I hate waiting, and that's what this is about. Its taken me six years to get to this point where someone in the business has seen value in my work and now I just want things to GO! Waiting in any amount seems to be stressing me out. I can handle small amounts, even large amounts if I know where the end of the waiting will come. But this waiting with no end in sight? Not good, not good for me at all.

The silver lining in this crapstorm of waiting? I'm not really able to eat with my stomach in knots and those extra few pounds are slowly coming off, all on their own. So while I may lose my marbles in the process, the upside is I'll gain a better waistline.

To be honest, I'd rather be a little chubby and keep my marbles intact. Ah well, so is life. Now, enough whining and back to writing. If nothing else, I'll use the angst as motivation.


Shannon said...

Waiting is over! Just got the contract sent to me and now I'm off to buy a new printer and get back to writing!! Yay! I love my agent!!

Tanya said...

woot! thats good news and see the waiting is now over