Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keyboards Hate Writers

Yes, it's true, Keyboards must HATE writers, or perhaps, my keyboard just hates me. Writers are constantly all over them, poking them,smashing them when the computer freezes up (like it's the keyboards fault somehow), and even spilling food on them in order to multi-task as we write an idea while eating breakfast.

Maybe that last one is just me though.

Really I am super hard on my keyboard and I have proof.

1.When I tip my keyboard upside down, crumbs from a multitude of breakfast toasts tumble out, I suspect that isn't good for the keyboards overall health.

2. My keys are literally wearing off. Primarily the "E", "R", "S", and "A" on my PC and when you add in the worn keys from my laptop there is also the "T" and "N".

3.I let my hubby use the computer and keyboard and he plunks at the keys one at a time, bringing his finger down at speed from a height of about 2 feet, just to make sure the computer registers what it is he's trying to type.

Those, I believe are the reasons behind the hatred, but what about you, how do you abuse your keyboard?


The Desert Rocks said...

My n is almost worn out from writing no, I am not interested.

Sarah said...

I do occasionally get crumbs stuck under my keyboard, but in general it's very patient and tolerant of my bad habits. Even that one time I spilled Diet Coke on it.

Shannon said...

I also failed to mention my attempt at feeding my keyboard a smoothie one morning. It was a close call but everyone survived!

Sheree said...

I let a baby spider live by the TAB key. It's not like I use it that often.

Jim miller said...

Hi Shannon, there's a net myth going around that a serious hacker, not vicious, just determined, hacked at his computer for 28 hours straight, bashing four keyboards with his intense keyboarding. But, I've no doubt it was a PC and not a Mac.