Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kissing Couple Sparks Ideas

Here I am at my writers retreat when the subject of the kissing couple in the Vancouver Riot came up. The story spun out about how the young man was protecting the girl, and kissed her to help her stay calm.

Of course, this started us writers speculating on if that was the truth. What if he, the young man, was really an army guy home on leave and he saw this girl and saved her life? The romance authors in the group took this idea and ran full tilt with it. The couple was going to battle their way through the riot, pausing only for brief moments for a passionate embrace or two, their families having started the riot to keep them apart yet only succeeded in bringing them closer as they survived the craziness.

The fantasy authors gave it a different spin. More of an Edward and Bella, Twilightesque plot line. He couldn't resist her even though he should, she was a werewolf destined to shapeshift, he was a bounty hunter who should have killed her in the chaos of the riots but couldn't pull the trigger. Instead he found himself in her arms.

The mystery authors in the group quickly got in on the action, she was a private investigator, he was the man she was following, suspect of running a drug cartel. In the writhing mass of humanity she thinks she sees him slip a package to a police officer and tries to get a closer look. The officer spins, slamming her to the ground with his shield and her mark unexpectedly covers her body with his own, silencing her questions with a kiss.

The plot lines went on and on, but what I'd like to know is what story would you give the kissing couple?


Dr. Kathie M. Black said...

Well, the "NON-Fiction" writer says it's all part of the conspiracy plot of big money sports to engage us in mystery, romance, or fantasy :) There is a story here for sure - it'll be fun to see if the story comes out.

Dr. Kathie M. Black said...

Here's the news feature on the couple...