Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running away from the world to Write!

Although it's great to write from home, there are lots of distractions, people, pets, laundry, and the list goes on. These distractions take us away from the flow of words and ideas and can sometimes even kill the muse. (My muse HATES cleaning and promptly leaves when I must scrub the toilet.)

Tomorrow is the start of our writer's group 2nd annual retreat. Four days and three nights of nothing but writing, writing, writing! Last year was amazing, I was able to read and edit an entire novel (95k words). Not to mention becoming totally inspired and letting that carry me through the next few months. Others were able to pump out their first short stories, near completion on sequels and wrap up niggling ideas into cohesive outlines.

One of the moments at the retreat that took me by surprise was the sheer energy a small group of like minded individuals brought together. More was accomplished within that short period than many had otherwise experienced.

If you go on no other vacation this year and you are a creator of the written word, music, art or any other muse driven craft, I highly recommend finding a few close friends who can go with you, respect your space and watch the creative energy flow!

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